Introducing Team NGE: Allison Tudor

The Nicole George Event Planning & Design team is a girl gang of creative, confident, and inspirational adventurers, dream-seekers, and lady bosses. We believe in putting out positive vibes, owning your intelligence, never stopping the hustle, and having faith that incredible things that can happen when you have a tribe of great women behind you. We are sharing a little bit about the team that makes it all happen behind the scenes here at NGE. Without further a-due, we are introducing:

Allison Tudor

Assistant  Event Coordinator


Photography by Eder Photo

Hey I’m Allison! Originally from the east coast, I recently moved to San Diego to (partially to enjoy the beautiful weather) but also to further my career in event planning! I first began planning nightlife events in Boston and Europe, then eventually moved on to small corporate luncheons. I knew then that a more creative approach to planning was what I really wanted to pursue, and luckily I found NGE! A little about me... I’m a big sports fan and love watching baseball and hockey, umpiring little league baseball was actually my very first job! I also love to travel and have lived in Italy and Mexico, and I love to explore new places! Prague is by far my favorite city to visit, so if you ever get a chance to travel Europe I highly recommend it.

Who Inspires You: So cheesy but my mom. Growing up my mom would plan elaborate birthday parties for my brothers and I that are still so vivid in my memory. The woman went ALL OUT. She once threw me a safari themed party with a full reptile petting zoo, giant snake cake, and my father….. dressed in a gorilla costume and was banished to the woods until she gave the signal to jump out and chase my friends around the yard. She has always inspired me with her creativity and passion so I rely on her a lot to be my sounding board with ideas.

Favorite Type of Event Design: I really love mixing light and dark elements and colors. I think it gives the design some depth that may otherwise be missed with matching color palettes.

Favorite Part of the Wedding Day: I really like the energy and commotion that goes into setting up the venue before any guests arrive. Setting the tables, arranging the signage, and slowly seeing the space come together is by far my favorite part of the day. You can feel how hard you are working then being able to take that step back and really see how it has all come together is satisfying.

Favorite Drink: Iced black coffee!

Hobbies: Scuba diving is one of my biggest hobbies. I took it as a gym credit in college and used to dive with my father in Massachusetts every summer. Luckily the water is San Diego is much warmer so I’m able to dive more regularly!

Favorite Joke: What did the sea monster eat for lunch? Fish and Ships!

Favorite Quote: I would rather die of passion than of boredom. —Vincent van Gogh

Love, Allison