Cocktail Recipe Series :: Pot of Gold


St. Patrick's day is THIS weekend! Although this particular cocktail recipe may not be the most traditional of Irish cocktails, it is definitely one of the yummiest AND easiest ones you will make. But first... hard apple cider and spiced Fireball are just too easy to love, and together, they make a killer drink. That's actually what inspired this cocktail... I was chatting with my friend, cocktail and beer enthusiast, and talented photographer, Eder from Eder Photo,  and after I embarrassingly admitted that Fireball was my go-to for years, he suggested the perfect St. Patrick's Day Fireball cider cocktail. And Bam! The Pot of Gold quickly made it's way into our roster for St. Patrick's Day cocktails! Oh yeah, did I say easy? This literally takes 3 minutes! Don't worry... if you're not a huge Fireball lover, we included some modifications in the "tips" area at the bottom. As always, have fun, enjoy, and have a safe St. Patrick's Day!


Pot of Gold

PREP TIME: 3-5 Minutes                COOK TIME: N/A               TOTAL TIME: 3-5 Minutes


  • 1 Oz. Fireball Whiskey

  • 6 Oz. Angry Orchard Hard Cider

  • Optional: 2x2 Cubed Ice Chunk

  • Garnishes: Cinnamon & Honey Rim


  1. Fill a shallow bowl with a few ounces honey. Fill another bowl with cinnamon. The bowls should be wider than a rocks glass and deep enough to dip the rim of the glass.

  2. Dip the rim of a rocks glass into the honey, coasting the top. Then dip the rim into the cinnamon. The cinnamon should easily adhere to the honey rim.

  3. Add cider and whiskey to the glass. Lightly stir to not knock off any of the rim garnish.

  4. Add in large ice cube (optional).

  5. Sprinkle with cinnamon.


  • Not a fan of Fireball or too much sweetness in your cocktails? We suggest another Irish classic, Jameson, as an alternative whiskey that are far less sweet.

  • Refrigerate your glass beforehand. This will keep the honey-rim firm rather than melting too quickly.

  • Ice is optional. Some prefer to exclude ice to not dilute the cocktail. If you prefer ice, the larger the cubed ice, the less it will melt. Avoid any crushed ice as that will dilute the cocktail quickly.

All photography by Eder Photo

Love this St. Patricks Day cocktail? Let us know! Also, if you haven't already, check out our Old Fashioned Recipe and Mulled Wine Recipes and tell us what you think by commenting below!

Cheers, Nicole