Who We Are + What We Do: 2017 Edition


Creative Weddings Start Here.

Hello to all of our new readers out there! It's been a while since we've gotten personal with you on the NGE blog, so we wanted to take some time to share who we are, what we value, and why we do it! Our company motto is "Creative Weddings Start Here." We truly believe that getting creative is what it is all about, and starting that process from the beginning sets the tone for your planning journey. Hiring a wedding planner is personal and you want to collaborate with someone who just "gets" your personality and vision...so here, WE are sharing more of our company culture & loves.


style, identity, and purpose.

NGE is a company that, although mainly consists of weddings, is fundamentally focused on design. Whether it be a wedding, social event, corporate event, styled photoshoot, etc. we explore style, brand, and personality while collab'ing with like-minded clients and professionals to create something new and purposeful. We are logistical gurus just as much as we are creative entrepreneurs. Bottom line… we take pride in being a professional company, but we surround ourselves with laid-back personalities and all around good vibes!


our ideal client.

We are going to be open and honest here.... we work with some pretty rad clients all across the board and from all walks of life. The only thing that matters is that our people have stories and personalities that we can connect to and must be shared through their wedding. They are non-traditional creative types that aren't afraid to try something new but also know when to step back and let the professionals lead the way....pretty much we partner with those who appreciate our experience and respect our talents, but won't be trying to micromanage. Isn't that why you are hiring a wedding planner in the first place? We can tell from the very first meeting if a couple will be a good fit and honestly, it comes down to two things... if they are open to creating a aesthetically balanced + beautiful atmosphere AND if they will be able to let loose and experience every minute of their celebration.


our ideal wedding. 

This is tough since all of our clients are so different, but if we had to create a wedding from scratch, we would balance the rad factor + quality vendors + guest experience. Let's just say 80 guests (friends and close family instead of a family reunion is our tone), in the Spring or Fall months, and outdoor venue. It would start with a first look, none of that posy-ness, and would lead to an intimate yet short ceremony officiated by a friend who would be able to balance funny + personal + light hearted vibes with acoustic versions of their favorite ballads for the ceremony + cocktail hour. There would be plenty of lounges and lawn games with a pool close by for when guests get a little too tipsy later and decide to jump in, along with a bar with mixologists creating some yummy cocktails in colorful glassware. We would kick it up with a band during the reception, action stations with a variety of feel good comfort food, and a dessert bar (most likely donuts and ice cream sandwiches). Market lighting would be soft and dim, we would incorporate a ton of candles, whimsical and lush florals pouring out of every nook and cranny but not overwhelming the clean tablescape full of stoneware, any kind of specialty flatware, and some sort of funky name card. I imagine an installation or two behind the bar or dessert table to add an extra kick in design...our idea as one of the best ways to show off your personality. We would keep the first dance, toasts, and parent dances, but scrap every other formality (i.e. cake cutting, bouquet/garter, and grand entrance because that isn't really our client's style).  Some fun twists would come throughout the night like a specialty coffee bar, flashdance, piñatas, a burlesque or water performance, and of course, late night bites. Ultimately...our ideal wedding would be intimate but full of our favorite things while still keeping it modern, cohesive, most important, lively!


what inspires us.

A phenomenal event balances experience with aesthetics. A few basics that we live by are color, texture,  variety, and balance. We are inspired by anything and everything that achieves these fundamentals, but we are personally drawn to intoxicating landscapes...whether it is your back yard or in the middle of a desert, architectural and industrial locations (high fives for historic buildings), the balance of masculine meets feminine everything, and honestly... anything that sparks some type of creativity.  We find that most with fellow wedding and event professionals and are blown away by the talented individuals we come in contact with daily -- though the wedding industry and in our local communities. We are surrounded by artisans and entrepreneurs that are just trying to put their stamp on the world by doing what they love. That type of positive energy is intoxicating and encourages us to spread the good vibes and love and keep on keeping' on. We're all about that collab because it makes us whole...that is what inspires us.


where we work.

Nicole George Event Planning & Design started in San Diego, California, several years ago but expanded to a second location in Los Angeles in 2015. Although we are often in San Diego 1-2 days a week for client meetings, walkthroughs, weddings, and events, our home base is in Long Beach, Los Angeles County.   We are often asked about the "long" drive, which to us, is actually the necessary "me time" we need throughout the week! You know...listening to music, thinking about our to-do lists, zoning out....it is surprisingly relaxing. All in all, although Southern California is our jam, we're up for events all over all!    

the dream team.

Nicole, Planner & Creative Director


What I do is simple. I listen to love stories. I interpret personality. And I create experiences. I have been designing and planning weddings, corporate, and non-profit events since 2009. After graduating with an Interior Design degree with a focus on event design, I continued as a Lead Designer with a San Diego wedding planning firm and went on to head events at two museums in San Diego’s Balboa Park.  I launched Nicole George Event Planning & Design in 2013 and expanded to a second location in Long Beach in 2015. I continue to consult with an event venue in Long Beach and manage their international venue. On the personal side, I’m addicted to laid-back people and good vibes. I love coffee and donuts more than I should and prefer good conversation than anything else. Animal advocacy is a huge part of my life and so is hockey (I played competitively for 7 years + coached for 4 more). I’m originally an East Coaster, but Long Beach is my home.

Favorite Drink:  Soy hazelnut latte.

Favorite Down Time Activity: Taking my pup on a long walk to the beach.

Favorite Part of Weddings: When my couples see their reception area for the first time! I always pull them away for a few minutes to see the space without anyone else in the room and to share that magical moment together. They get the chance to look at all of the little details that we've planned over the course of their engagement.

Kathleen, Coordinator


I joined the NGE team in August 2016 with a background in event planning. Finding NGE and taking the leap has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Come on, what little girl doesn't think about growing up and being a wedding planner! I am currently the Administrative Assistant and fellow Wedding Coordinator for NGE, focusing on both daily "behind the scenes" business tasks as well as assisting in event planning/design/execution. Learning from Nicole's expertise has been invaluable. In the short time I have been a part of the team, I have already grown and learned so much about the industry. I'm grateful to be a part of an awesome team filled with such genuine people who constantly send out positive vibes into the universe!

Favorite Drink: Any kind of iced fruit/floral flavored tea.

Favorite Down Time Activity: Binge watching tv shows...is there anything better?

Favorite Part of Weddings: The calm before the storm. When everything is finished being set up but right before guests enter the reception. I like to just look around and appreciate all the pretty perfect details.

Brynn, Intern


I'm a sassy San Diego transplant with a passion for all things twinkly and bubbly. I am originally from Iowa, and studied at Iowa State University. There I spent a good amount of time as the social director for Chi Omega sorority, while completing my undergraduate degree in urban planning. I had the amazing opportunity to put on campus-wide fundraisers for Make-A-Wish Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I recently joined the NGE team as part of the new internship program, and I couldn't be more excited for this opportunity! My love for organization and attention to detail always shows through in my everyday life. I may be a Midwest girl but I've definitely got the laid-back SoCal vibe.

Favorite Drink:  Iced white chocolate mocha.

Favorite Down Time Activity: Beach and Netflix!

Favorite Part of Weddings: Right before the bride walks down the aisle because you can always see in her face exactly how surreal and excited she is.

Want to set up a consultation to hear how we can meld our philosophy with your best day ever? Head over to our contact form to send us a message. We'd love to get together over a cup of coffee or two! 

      Main image by By Amy Lynn Photography // Lounge by Pow Wow Design Studio // Floral Design by Bloom Babes

Love, The NGE Team