NGE's Preferred Venues :: San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The NGE Team has been lucky enough to have had a longstanding partnership with the amazing San Diego Zoo Safari Park! Nestled in the valley of Escondido, the Safari Park is the sister to the San Diego Zoo, naturally attracting tourists and locals alike. Not only is the Safari Park a fun attraction with a variety of animals and open safari land where animals cohabitate together, their Wedding & Special Events Team have designed various venues throughout the property highlighting some of the most gorgeous views in the park! The NGE Team has planned countless weddings at the park and want to share why we love this special and unique venue which attracts a certain lighthearted clientele that are exactly the type of NGE adventure lovers we crave!

Read on to see some of our past weddings at the Safari Park as well as why we love the team, different event spaces, and interactive entertainment (hint: it’s the animals duh!).

The Team

We know how daunting it might seem at first to host your wedding or event at such a popular and high traffic public space, but the Wedding & Special Events Team over at the Safari Park have their system on lockdown! We would not be able to do what we do without such a well oiled, highly communicative, and extremely helpful staff. Each event we get to work hand-in-hand with a Venue Coordinator, who is basically like a logistics guru, knowing everything there is to know about the venue and to collaborate with us to ensure smooth timeline and event flow. We truly appreciate how considerate the staff are from the very first tour to executing the actual wedding day. Knowing that this is a very unique and logistical-focused venue that comes with its own specific rules and regulations, their team makes everything super clear and streamlined. They have their own preferred vendors list, which makes our lives easier knowing they’re professionals that understand and have worked the space before. It’s super reassuring to know that the venue is flexible in making a tricky process seem so easy!


Safari Glamping Editorial // Photography by Shelly Anderson Photography

The Different Venues

The Safari Park houses various event spaces all over the park that be be utilized in different ways. Each one is unique in and of itself through different designs and sizing to fit your wedding needs + specifications. Check out their full list of venues here! It’s nice to have the option to choose which space feels like you and even having the flexibility to have your ceremony + reception in different locations! One of our favorite, and most frequented venues is the Kijamii Overlook. We were lucky enough to have been the VERY first wedding in their Kijamii Overlook venue (yes, really!) and through an amazing partnership also coordinated a fun Safari Glamping Editorial. There is no other view like it and you and your guests get a one of a kind experience with the animals. Seeing a giraffe in the background never gets old! We’ve also had the pleasure of being at the Harusi Lawn, Sambutan Longhouse at Tiger Trail, and Hunte Nairobi Pavilion.


Lauren & Michael’s Wedding // Photography by The Arandas Photo Co.

The Animals!!!

Ok yes - the obvious and HUGE selling point for having your wedding at The Safari Park is all the adorable wild animals! The NGE team are big animal lovers (we actually donate 10% of our profits to the SD Humane Society), so it makes sense as to why we love working here and keep coming back for more. Honestly, we stay at the Safari Park after every meeting & tasting just for fun! Couples can choose to add on special “Animal Encounters” into their cocktail hour which entails trained professionals bringing out live animals up and close for you and your guests to meet! The trainers know how to make the experience super fun and even educational. And yes, even our couples get to play/hold some animals! We haven’t had a couple opt out yet, because it is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of interactive entrainment that will leave you and your guests speechless. Seriously, you will never forget seeing a giant python or cheetah merely 10 feet away from you. We love when our couples really embrace the venue’s theme and go all out to throw a rad wild animal party!


Stephanie & Sam’s Wedding // Photography by Brant Bender Photography

Interested in learning more about The San Diego Zoo Safari Park or scheduling a tour? Check out their website & contact page to chat with our favorite team!

Love, The NGE Team