Love & Thanks : Nikki & Andy


Photography by The Light Co.

We absolutely adored working with Nikki and Andy to help create their Fall wedding in Long Beach. Unsurprisingly, I shared so many sentimental moments with these two and adore their love story more than words. Witnessing the next chapter in their life was truly a special experience and I find myself so thankful for continuously working with humble and old souls. These two are no exception. You can find their full wedding feature here. Continue reading below for their kind words about their experience with our team:

From the bride:

"Andy and I were never the couple to want to get married... after 6 years, he popped the question and I about lost my marbles. I don't think I really knew what I was getting myself into, but I knew I was in it to win it! HA! After doing research on weddings, I knew 3 things. 1: We didn't want to spend more than $15,000. 2: We didn't want to get married in a church or typical wedding venue 3. We wanted our wedding to be "Us" and very #DIY When we started looking at locations, we stumbled upon Howl in Long Beach. Immediately upon walking into the space, we fell in love with it... but little did we know, that walking into Howl would lead us to Nicole. During our initial meeting with her we tried to ask as many questions as possible and just be open and honest about who we were as individuals and as a couple. Something about her just clicked and we immediately knew she would be the one for us. Hiring Nicole as our Wedding Coordinator was beyond anything we could have asked for. 6 months prior to our wedding, we had an unexpected event happen that would take over our lives. When I initially spoke with Nicole about this event, not only was she understanding, but I could hear in her voice the sadness she felt with us. Leading up to our wedding day was a struggle, as we were missing a very important person. Nicole was so understanding, so sympathetic to everything we were doing. During our rehearsal she took the time to really explain how the day would go. Where everyone would be, and was ALWAYS available if and when we needed her. Though I know we aren't like most couples, I know one thing. Nicole George is one wedding planner I will forever suggest to ANYONE I meet. She will become your best friend though this process. She will tell her what she thinks, and will suggest things to help make YOUR day exactly how you want it. She will make sure that you have NOTHING to worry about and will make every second count."