Invitation Etiquette :: Part 6: Thank-you Cards

Sadly, your wedding has come and gone.  You sipped, you danced, you celebrated, but even after you lugged your gifts back home, there is one last and final detail...thank you cards.  This might be obvious, but thanking your guests for attending and/or sending you a gift for your wedding or bridal shower shows your appreciation for sharing in your wedding celebration.  Even thank you cards have a proper etiquette, but they don't have to be as tedious and daunting as it sounds!

C/O Viola Prints

C/O Viola Prints

Thank-you cards

What to include:

  • Express your gratitude with a personalized {and handwritten} note to those individuals that attended your wedding, brought and/or sent you a gift. Stay away from the incredibly impersonal pre-printed thank-you card!

  • Reference the gift by name and perhaps how you will use it. For monetary gifts, thank the gift-giver for the "generous gift" rather than stating the exact amount

When to send:

  • You might think that putting these off a little is okay. My biggest advice? Don't procrastinate! Try to send these out as soon as gifts start arriving, even if they are delivered prior to your wedding or bridal shower.

  • General rules of thumb? Bridal shower gifts should be sent 2 weeks afterward and wedding gifts should be sent no later than 6-8 weeks after your wedding.


  • Make sure you are thanking the gift-giver for the correct gift! A great way to keep track of who gave what is to write a thank-you card after opening each gift.

  • Address the thank-you card and envelope to those who signed the gift. For families, this should be addressed to Mr. and Mrs.

  • Sending thank-you cards to vendors are not necessary, but of course it is nice way to recognize their hard work. Be sure to write a review on their website as well!

  I hope that our Invitation Etiquette series was super helpful in designing and planning your invitation suite!  Remember, check out Part 1: The Invitation Suite, Part 2: Save-the-dates, Part 3: The Official Wedding Invitation, Part 4: Rehearsal Dinner Invitations, and Part 5: Ceremony & Reception Stationary.

Love, Nicole