Invitation Etiquette :: Part 4: Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

If you missed the first three parts of our Invitation Etiquette Series, take a look at Part 1: The Invitation Suite, Part 2: Save-the-dates, and Part 3: The "Official" Invitation!


The first question you're thinking to yourself is if rehearsal dinner invitations are even necessary.  Yes and no {but is really up to  you!} and I'll explain why. If you are hosting a formal wedding reception, sending rehearsal dinner invitations is appropriate, especially if you plan on many guests or out-of-towners in attendance.  If you are hosting a smaller rehearsal dinner {perhaps just the bride, groom, and immediate families}, it is perfectly acceptable to invite your guests casually via word-of-mouth.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

What to include:

  • Rehearsal Dinner hosts

  • Bride & Groom's names

  • Date, time, and location {of dinner only, not ceremony rehearsal}

  • RSVP date and phone number

Who to include:

  • The rehearsal dinner invitation should be sent to family and friends that are personally included in your wedding ceremony rehearsal. Guests should include immediate family, wedding party, and their spouses. Remember that this is an intimate pre-celebration to your wedding, so forgo inviting half of your wedding guests as tempting as it may be!

When to send:

  • The wedding rehearsal dinner invitations should be sent 3-6 weeks prior to your wedding.


  • Typically, the ceremony rehearsal time and location are not included in the rehearsal dinner invitation as they are considered separate events. A ceremony rehearsal invitation is not necessary.

Stay tuned for two more parts of the Invitation Etiquette Series; Ceremony  Reception Stationary and Thank you Cards!

XO, Nicole