NGE's Favorite Wedding Cakes from 2017

Hi everyone, Kathleen here! Fun fact about me: I have a huge sweet tooth and my favorite kind of dessert is cake. So of course, I am obsessed with wedding cakes, more than any other member of the NGE team. It's no surprise that I was asked to share some of my favorite things, it had to be the prettiest and tastiest cakes from our 2017 weddings!  We're also breaking down the types of cakes, designs, and trends that we are seeing now-a-days. There are a million ways to customize your wedding cake to reflect your own personal style and story, so keep reading to get inspired!

Romantic & Simple

You can never go wrong with a sweet and simple white cake. It a blank canvas waiting to be decorated with gorgeous flowers to your preference! A two-tiered cake can generally offer 30-40 servings (unless you go double tall), and so it is perfect those who want to offer other additional desserts.


Cakes by Sweet Cheeks Baking Company

Photography by Acqua Photo (left) and Shelly Anderson Photography (right)

Big & Modern

For those with larger guest counts or just love cake as much as I do, check out these gorgeous three-tiered wedding cakes. Although both of these are real cake, if you like the look of a three tier but don't necessarily need as many servings, ask your baker about faux tiers! Secondly, we are all for these creative and modern cake designs. The barely frosted "naked cake" look and fondant painted watercolor geode designs were both super trendy in 2017.


Cake by Peggy's Kitchen (left) and Vanilla Bake Shop (right)

Photography by Acqua Photo (left) and Kristen Victoria Photography (right)

Small & Sentimental

I absolutely adore when couples sprinkle in sentimental details in their wedding day. After all, it's the little things that make your wedding day unique! Cake toppers are a great opportunity to add that personal touch that gives everyone a peek into your love story. These teeny cakes are also a trend that Nicole loves (hello non-cake lover!)...the small "cutting cake" for for the bride and groom. This works well if the couple is having other desserts for guests to enjoy or aren't big cake lovers in general!


Cake by Sweet Cheeks Baking Company (left) and SusieCakes (right)

Photography by By Amy Lynn Photography (left) and Westlund Photography (right)

Dark & Edgy

Another new cake trend we saw this past year was moving away from the traditional white wedding cake to darker cakes. Both of the cakes below are fondant icing which is sturdier and smoother, allowing cake designers to add design elements to the cake (I.E. gold foil & hand painting). Fondant allows for ultra rich hues and ornate designs that aren't easily achieved with other types of icing. Definitely for those couples who are more edgy, modern, and creative. It's a cool look for sure, and we always love seeing something different.


Cake by M Cakes Sweets (left) and Sweet Cheeks Baking Company (right)

Photography by Krista Mason Photography (left) and Shelly Anderson Photography (right)

xoxo, Kathleen