Beauty Tips for Brides and Everyday Gals Alike!

We all have our preferences on how we like our hair + makeup done daily so it's no surprise when our brides are super specific about their picture-perfect wedding day look! Here's the thing... a bride (or everyday gals in general) confidence comes from how we feel, and how we feel is, more often than not, based on how we look. Look good, feel good, am I right?! Now, we're not saying that you have to have a picture-perfect look to be beautiful, but we are saying how many times do you feel like you're knocking it out of the park when your highlight is on fleek? Hair and makeup can do wonders for your confidence and if you're a less is more or more is more kinda gal, both play a key role in feeling your best. But hold the phone... what does all of this wedding stuff have to do with my skincare and makeup routine? Looking your best doesn't necessarily happen overnight and even the pros will tell you that there are a few key preparations involved to making sure that your skin and hair are looking their best before (and on) the big day. Wedding day or not, we're sharing our favorite must-know beauty tips to help brides and everyday gals alike!


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Treat yo'self

We said it earlier and we will say it again... great skin and hair don’t happen overnight! If you have any big event approaching, give your skin and hair a little extra love and yes... we do mean pampering!  We don't have a magic "must-do" because pampering means a little something different to everyone , but maybe it's a facial or splurging a little more on that fancy (but oh-so worth it) moisturizer. Something as simple as DIY face + hair masks can do just the trick too...anything that can help take your mind off of wedding planning for a quick minute and add a teeny bit of relaxation. We love new treatments, but we recommend sticking to your tried-and-true go-tos (see the next bulletpoint for why!). And of course, tons of water + tons of sleep are a must!


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Don’t experiment too close to the event

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the first tip. While we want to experiment with new products or treatments to help our face glow, we don’t want to irritate our skin in any-way. Let's be real... no one wants to be popping a zit the night before the big day or worse…waking up to new one the day of! To be safe, we recommend visiting an esthetician well in advance who can identify specific products that would be a good fit for your skin type.  Trying out new products over month in advance will give your skin time to heal or you will be pleasantly surprised with the results! You won't know what works for you until you try it out but we always recommend consulting a trained professional.


Photography by Taylor Abeel Photography // HMUA by Juna Beauty

Take advantage of free samples

Makeup & skincare can get expensive…who wants to spend $30 on a face cream that ends up causing them to breakout?! Many brands and stores give out free samples of beauty products if you ask. With samples, you can test how well you like the product (or even get a better match of your foundation color) before buying it. Important: don’t forget about tip #2!! If you’re going to be sampling new products, do this months in advance!


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Schedule a hair and makeup trial together

If you book beauty services for a special event, this is a given! Sometimes you have a vision, but things don’t always go as planned or maybe it doesn't necessarily look the same on you as it does on the model on Instagram. We recommend scheduling a full hair and makeup trial together at least one month beforehand so that you can visualize how your look will come together, especially with your attire and jewelry. Be prepared to show your hair and makeup artist some example photos and have an open dialogue about how you want to feel and look. Being vocal but also trusting them are key components on achieving a look that you are happy with. Additionally, attempt to keep your makeup on for at least a few hours (try the whole day, if possible) to test how long the products last. By testing out the longevity, you will be able to tell what  needs adjusting, if anything, as well as if there is a need to schedule your beauty team to stay for touch-ups or a hairstyle change later on the event day. Another tip is to schedule your engagement session on the same day as your hair and makeup trial... you have to have a trial anyway so why not get glammed up for those engagement photos, too?!


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Prepare a touch-up kit

I know you’re thinking, “If we have great, long lasting makeup, we shouldn’t have to touch up”. This is true, but let’s face it, tears tend to run, some of us get sweaty or oily, lipstick tends to rub off… you know all the BEST parts of makeup...not. If your hair + makeup artist can stay for touch-ups, awesome. But if not, we always want our couples and wedding parties be prepared. Keeping a mini emergency kit for touch-ups is necessary and thankfully, many professional beauty teams supply this to their brides/wedding party members as a little gift on the day-of. Always check with the beauty team to see if this will be supplied or if you have to bring your own! We recommend including a few easily compact basics such as oil blotting sheets, pressed powder, lipstick, lash adhesive + tweezers (if you’re wearing false lashes, these are always great to have just in case!).


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Don't forget to schedule other beauty services

Aside from your hair and makeup trial, remember to schedule your other beauty services well in advance so you aren't squeezing these in the last minute! We're talking about your lash extension appointment, your mani/pedi appointment, your hair cut/color appointment, your spray tanning appointment, your waxing appointment...the list goes on.

I hope these tips and tricks help you all slay, not only just on your wedding day but everyday! Stay tuned for more beauty advice coming to the NGE blog soon.

Love, Krizsa