14 Unique ways to celebrate Valentines Day without trying too hard



This Valentine's Day, forgo the forced gift giving that we have all been guilt tripped into and consider these 14 alternative ways to celebrate your relationship!  No matter how long you and your man have been together, you don't have to break the bank or try too hard to make Valentine's Day the best day ever.  So go out and explore, or stay in and cozy up, but remember, sometimes it is the littlest things that make the biggest impact. Enjoy!

14 Unique ways to celebrate Valentine's Day without trying too hard

  1. Stay in and Netflix.Take the day off, pick a show or season that you and your man have been wanting to watch, and spend the entire day Netflix-ing. Pure bliss.

  2. Stock up your fridge with his favorite foods.Don't they say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach?

  3. Visit an animal shelter or rescue.Although this may inspire you to adopt a furry friend, taking the time to play with cute adoptables is a fun way to reduce stress and give some fur babies love on Valentine's Day too.

  4. Date night at home. A night-in cozying up together can be even better than going out! Being at home is when you are the most comfortable anyhow, so rent a movie, crack open a bottle of wine, and enjoy the evening just the two of you. No lines. No bills. No-one else.

  5. Watch the game.Nothing says I love you more than watching your man's favorite sports team or TV show.

  6. Text or email throughout the day. Send emojis. Funny ridiculous ones. Send pictures of yourself or your pets being silly. Anything for a smile throughout the day is worth it.

  7. Walk, hike, or bike. Spend some time together by doing something fun and active. Try even exploring a new park or beach along the way.

  8. Leave love notes. Leaving notes in your home, his car, briefcase, or lunchbox is a cute reminder that you are always thinking of him.

  9. Take a drive. Take a miniature road trip and explore another town or somewhere unfamiliar.

  10. Pack lunch. Pack your man's lunch for the office, even if you NEVER make lunch or hate to cook. Yes, you may have to get up extra early, but it shows you care.

  11. Wash his car...by hand. Let's be real, ladies hate washing their cars and rely on our men to do the dirty work. Men like to for their possessions to be taken care of too. Know that he will appreciate the effort and elbow grease.

  12. Morning coffee. Try a new coffee shop and spend the morning walking or talking over coffee.

  13. Be positive. Sometimes we complain even when we don't know we're doing it...and it is draining for our men! Try to create a day full of positivity and only discuss the great things about life and each other. Actually listen to how his day was and encourage his efforts.

  14. Make dessert together. This is a fun way to try something new, hand-made, and delicious!

 xoxo, Nicole